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The   University   Visvesvaraya   College   of   Engineering   was   established   by    Sir M Visvesvaraya in 1917. The college has been in the forefront of Engineering education in India for close to a century and has been drawing up plans to celebrate its centenary in 2017.

Among the current challenges UVCE faces are the delayed/dwindling financial support by government, competition for placement, limited exposure for students to research and industry. As the UVCE Centenary draws closer, the UVCE Foundation seeks to organize its vast and rich alumni from all over the world provide a platform for alumni to reconnect and support UVCE’s mission of teaching, research, and service.

Formed in 2002 by a group of Alumni, this not-for-profit organization is working closely with University, faculty, the student body, alumni and other well wishers to bring the college at par with top institutions in the country. Since its inception, the Foundation has executed various projects for the benefit of students & staff of UVCE - Renovation of restrooms, Model classroom, Refurbishing of benches, Drinking water facility at various locations, sponsoring students led activities, etc., to name a few. We have also established an excellent rapport with college and university officials through our efforts.

 The UVCE Foundation is looking for contributions to fund many initiatives that help UVCE in the short term as well as long term. For many of us this might be the easiest way to give back. Invest in a cause that will benefit us, and generations to come.



Some contribute because they want to give something back to the College that made a difference in their education or professional success. Some do so because they want to make a difference in the lives of other students. As alumni we share an emotional attachment to our alma mater. The continued success of UVCE is important to us since its image and brand helps us succeed in our own careers and business initiatives. If we believe that an Institution like UVCE is valuable and essential, to us and to society at large, then it is our privilege and responsibility to sustain it and bring it on par with other world class institutions.


We can make a difference.

* By donating you will contribute in creating a legacy and add to your UVCEian pride.
* Naming rights will be awarded to donors who contribute to endowments for faculty chairs and scholarships.
* Tax benefits UVCE Foundation is a not-for-profit organization with a 501c (3) status in the US. All donations made to UVCE Foundation are eligible for tax deductions in the US. In India, UVCE Foundation has the 80G status, and donors can claim tax benefits.



The UVCE Foundation provides the necessary oversight for disbursement and usage of funds donated. The UVCE Foundation and UVCE authorities will discuss pending projects and actual spending on a regular basis. The UVCE Foundation Executive Committee will authorize the release of funds to UVCE only after it feels comfortable with its due diligence with regard to specific proposals. Each project will have a steering committee led by a leading alumnus. A Coordinator will be identified from among the faculty members in the College for each of the projects. Regular reports will be provided on the progress of the projects.



There is no set amount that you must contribute. We hope that you will offer what you can and what you want to. No contribution is too little. The contribution can be as little as Rs 500 as we believe that participation is a as important as giving larger amounts.

* Rs 500 – Rs 10,000: You can contribute to a pool
* Rs 10,000- Rs10 lakh : You can restrict the donation to an initiative that you are passionate about
* Rs 10 lakhs and more: You can contribute to creating an endowment that will cater to a ‘named’ program.



These are few of the initiatives that we propose to support by the UVCE Foundation Fund raising.

* Scholarships to needy students
* Named Chair Professorships
* Establishing a Centre of Excellence
* Students & Faculty Travel Grant Program
* Campus Infrastructure
* Help to UVCE alumni in distress
* Help to UVCE Faculty & Staff in distress
* Hostel
* Organize Alumni Reunions and establish alumni chapters