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Mrs. Saroja V Rao


There is no way to fully express our gratitude to Mrs. Saroja V Rao,82 for her generous gesture to raise funds for the UVCE Foundation Scholarship Program. Mother of Mr. B V Jagadeesh (Alumnus of ’78), co-founder of Exodus Inc. and Managing Partner KAAJ Ventures, Mrs. Saroja made a heartwarming speech to the Inner-Wheel, the women’s wing of Rotary Bangalore South while proposing a project by the Rotary to support our cause.


 Her hand-written speech is reproduced here to share her sincere and earnest appeal and to inspire our readers. To ensure better response in raising funds for the cause, Mrs. Rao also appealed to other UVCE alumni known to her and ensured the Fund’s growth.


 Her unassuming gesture truly made a difference in the lives of the students we serve. While it helped us in reaching our fundraising goal for this year, beyond the monetary value, the cause benefitted through the wealth of her blessings. We at the Foundation wish her a long and healthy life and are inspired by her actions to help more such students through our Scholarship Program.