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I am very thankful to you sir, for giving me this award. I will make use of this in a better way, I will purchase some books which I have needed and I will pay for the mess bill.


I am very grateful to you for selecting me as a deserving candidate for the UVCE Foundation Scholarships 2012-13. This scholarship means a lot to me because this opportunity came in the right time in my goal of becoming a successful engineer. This scholarship also reduces the burden of my mother financially as she is the only bread winner in my family. I agree to work hard and put this scholarship amount to the maximum use for my education. Thank You


Thank you so much UVCE FOUNDATION for understanding my situation and help to my EDUCATION by giving scholarship. I will never forget your help and try to scoring a high marks. Please bless me and support me. Thanks.


Iam grateful to you for considering me for the UVCE Foundation Scholarship Program. Getting this opportunity is a dream come true as I wish to complete my engineering degree successfully. At present, Iam financially backward as my father, who was the only bread-winner of our family, died recently. This program fees must really be a help as we have no other alternative sources of income. My most special academic achievement is scoring 98.83% in my PUC studied at Chennai, getting a State Rank of 5 in TamilNadu. Igot a CGPA of 9.8 in my Tenth Standard studied under CBSE. My Karnataka CET Rank of 2401 enabled me to get admitted into one of the best institutions in India, UVCE. Iagree to toil hard and make the full use of this scholarship to complete the engineering course successfully and support my family. Iam enclosing the attested photocopy of my 2nd PUC marksheet. I am very thankful to you for being considered deserving for this non profit and kind act of the UVCE Foundation.


I am a Civil Engineering student of uvce. You may ask me why you apply for this schlorship? I want this scholarship because my family was in abad condition thats because of our poverty.My father expired last year. My sisters are working in garments near hosakote& my brother was first pu student Even my college fees was also donated by Mr.Srinivas, thanks a lot to him.I want to achieve something in my life, I will definitely use this scholarship in good way. Thank you very much for this.


As I studied in Kannada medium up to 10th standard, I found it difficulty to write this in English so,I have taken my friends help for translation. Even though Iam only 18 years old,Ihave seen so many troughs and crests in my life. My father is was farmer by profession and sole bread earner of our family and he is passed away when Iwas just 8 years old.after his death the whole responsibility of our family came on to my mothers shoulder.my mother was determined that she could not let her children suffer like.she knew that it was only through education her children will stand on their own feet. Icompleted my childhood studies in my village Kerur which comes under Bagalkot Dist.in a govt school. When I was in 10th standard my mother passed away. The burden was on my brother to support us, and he is suffering badly to send monthly money. Iam very grateful that I got this scholarship, which is a blessing for my whole family.


I thank uvce foundation for helping me by givng this scholarship for my education.
Iwas born in poor family.My father is a weaver.First he had is own factory but when Iwas at age10 he lost his factoy and there was huge burden of money.Now he is working as weaver.The family income is 18000 which is not sufficient to maintain the family & my education.When Iwas in 5th,Iand my mother started to take tution for small children to maintain the family.Now Iam taking tution for 10th standard for my education fees.My relatives are giving me a small support for my education. I took Engineering in great institution uvce to make an achievement in my life and my dreams come true and take care of my parents. Also because the fees is low but still we cannot afford to pay it by ourselves. In my future I will help the poor students. Igot 88% in 10&puc , Igot the best student award in my 10th.


II am VIJAY K MATHAPATI studying in I Sem CS. In our family we are five members, including me ,father, mother, grandfather and brother. My father is working as driver on a private vehicle and his income is Rs 3,000/ only per month. My mother is also working in a farm. Brother is studying in 10th Standard. Grandfather is handicap. My parents are in problem to maintain my education expenditure. In Rs 3000/- they have to maintain family expense, brother’s and my study expense. Having all these problems they said to me, “ continue your study”. To fill my CET cell fee my father has taken 18,000/- Rs from our neighbor with 3% interest. I participated in district level Kho Kho, CRC level Speech Competition. I got 1st prize in CRC level Speech Competition. Inspite of all my family problems I am successfully continuing my education with good marks. I scored 91.2% in SSLC and 88.667% in PU II year. This scholarship will help me to maintain my studies, without burdening my parents. I thank those who have helped me and surely I will also help students like me in the future.