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With the generous support of our alumni we were able to raise enough funds in India and USAthis year to offer 76 new scholarships for students from disadvantaged backgrounds to study at UVCE. These students are most grateful to alumni who have supported them through scholarships. The total value of scholarships in 2013 is Rs 7, 68,000.

Scholarship Selection Process

The scholarship program is being mentored by the well-regarded entrepreneur and philanthropist, BV Jagadeesh. The selection process involves two levels of due diligence to carefully chose the scholars.In the first level, from over 300 applicants received for 2013, preliminary evaluation was done by a pre-selection committee to shortlist 86 candidates. The final evaluation was done by a panel of 23 judges headed by BV Jagadeesh that interviewed each candidate based on a 10 point criteria to assess the need of the student and recommended scholarships of value full, half or quarter of their tuition fees.