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 We invite Alumni and friends to join the enjoyable Sevathon, a fund raiser walkathon at Baylands Park, Sunnyvale, USA.

Reproduced here is an appeal from Mr B V Jagadeesh, who is mentoring the UVCE Foundation Scholarship Program.

  Save the Date  :                            July 14, 2013

  Where?                                         Baylands Park, Sunnyvale, USA.

   How can I Register ?    To participate in the run please visit   http://konnectme.org/uvce-foundation/?ref=47109.

Dear Fellow UVCEians:

Six months ago we kicked off a program to provide scholarship to the needy students of UVCE. In its all-embracing arms, UVCE fosters students from different backgrounds. Amongst them are also bright students who are from underprivileged families – families that comprise of rural tailors, school teachers, daily-wage earners, amongst others. Parents of the students send their children to UVCE, many a time with nothing more than HOPE; hope that one day they will walk out of the gates of this esteemed institution, much like their predecessors and alumni have done over the years. Not only do they contribute to society, the students also immediately take their parents and families out of their current situation and into a better one. One guided by the same hope.


It was clearly evident during our selection process for the scholarship that many of the parents have taken loans to provide college fees at unaffordable interest rates of 18-24% per year. Such monetary outflow and liabilities will put them into a situation that many of them may not recover from and at times force the student to drop out after few years because they cannot afford to pay the fees any further.


Most of us are fortunate to be in a position where we have a comfortable life and take for granted many comforts – both emotional and tangible. However, life is beyond just that. I feel it is equally important for us to ensure our next generation also enjoys a similar opportunity, especially those who, despite their dire socioeconomic backgrounds, are academically gifted to have made it to UVCE.


Let us show our support to our fellow UVCEians by giving life to this HOPE they have for a brighter life. As a first step towards showing our support, UVCE Alum raised about 3.5 Lakhs (~$7K) and in February this year, after careful evaluation and due diligence of over 200 applicants, awarded 33 full and half scholarships to the most deserving students from the 1st year of the Bachelor of Engineering program, across the different streams of engineering.


I had the privilege to be personally involved with several others during the selection process and we will continue to do so until there is a clear process and checks and balances to ensure future success as well. I am certain you will share my belief in the transformative power of good education, and the difference having a scholarship can make for those who need it. It can literally make a difference between completing a degree and dropping out of the program.


Through the UVCE Foundation Scholarship Fund, we want to support the most needy of students by increasing the number of scholarships for them. Over the next 4 years we aspire to award about 120 students over all 4 years of UVCE graduate program. This will require approximately 15 -20 Lakhs per year (~$30K- $35K). Besides, raising funds for the current year, we need to build an Endowment Fund of 250K over the next few years to provide for sustainable scholarships through the generated interest/returns.


UVCE Foundation fund raiser walkathon at Sevathon on July 14th at Baylands Park, Sunnyvale

To help raise funds for the cause, we are participating in the 5k / 10k run / walk at Sevathon on July 14th at Baylands park in Sunnyvale where UVCE Foundation is a member. Our goal is to influence about 200 friends, family and UVCE alums to participate. Sevathon will charge $25 for each participant and half of that will be credited to the UVCE foundation. We invite you to make a difference for these students by joining us at Sevathon with your friends and family.


Please register to participate in the run at  http://konnectme.org/uvce-foundation/?ref=47109.


More than 5000 participants are expected to participate in the enjoyable Sevathon event supporting many other charitable causes.


You can also make a pledge for the scholarship fund


We can also raise additional funds through pledges, 100% of which will go to the UVCE Foundation. Since the UVCE Foundation USA is a 501(c) corporation, all donations are tax deductible. Many of the companies in the Bay Area provide a company match and so the total contribution can significantly increase. Please refer to your company policies and try to get the UVCE Foundation USA into the approved list of charitable organizations, in the education category.


Here is the link for the pledge that directly contributes to the cause - http://konnectme.org/uvce-foundation/


These students need our support.In gratitude to what UVCE has given us, I appeal to you and urge you join me in contributing to this noble cause.

Thanks and Regards,

B V Jagadeesh ( Alum ’78)

Managing Partner, KAAJ Ventures Inc.

Dear Fellow UVCEians